Update Sliders in Python 3

Hello everyone,

During my PhD research, I developed ghPython components for genetic optimization on Rhino 7 using valuable resources found on this forum. I am now planning to adapt these components to Rhino 8 using Python 3, allowing for the integration of the NumPy and pymoo libraries to further enhance their capabilities.

However, I face two problems:

(1) In the rhino7 version, to create my populations, I first retrieve information on the GH_NumberSlider (s) using the methods (s.Minimum, s.Maximum, s.NickName, s.DecimalPlaces, s.Count, s.Decimals, s.TickCount). With python 3, I can’t find this data. I get some of it with the s.InstanceDescription method, but this only works for sliders and not GenePool components.

(2) I can’t change the values of sliders or GenePools either. In Rhino 7, I used to proceed as follows:

If someone had an idea on how they could help me, that would be great!

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