Update changed the way how to create number sliders?

Today I installed an update for Rhino (I think it was Rhino 7.11) and now I can`t create a number slider the way, as I always did.

Normally I would type “0.00…100” to get a slider from 0 to 100.

Did they updated this or did I just changed any settings without noticing? I can´t find information online.

Thank you

Hi Kevin -

That still work fine here, as well as the 0.00<100 alternative.
Did you install or update a plug-in lately?

Hi Wim,

Yes I installed plug-ins but I uninstalled all plug-ins but nothing had changed and its still not working.

0.00<100 is creating a point at {0,1,0}, which doesnt make sense to me. I dont know whats wrong