there is a single surface attached that rhino untrim command cannot untrim it. surface’s control points indicates that it is a trimmed surface but untrim command says its edges are naked. also it is not a bad object.

this is a new thing for me after 11 years rhino experience so i thought it maybe a bug.

now i am extracting its points to make a copy of it manually

have a good day.

untrim_bug.3dm (172.8 KB)

You’ve got a tiny microloop in the upper right hand corner that’s folded in on itself and somehow looks untrimmed to Rhino. Unfortunately the test command testRemoveAllNakedMicroLoops doesn’t fix it.

What does: start the command RemoveEdge and window select the upper right corner of the surface. That will take out the bad edge. Then untrim…

Would be good to have an example on how to create this for the bug track system…

HTH, --Mitch

Hmmm. thanks for teaching me a new thing about rhino.

also is there a list of those “test” commands? or where can i find them?

This list is not public, sorry… --Mitch

Blastered, if you have the inputs that trimmed this object, can you please post them or send to me via private message?




sorry for the late answer.

i was revising those surface group so i couldn’t find the trim inputs to “the” surface (blue) but a very similar one, marked as red, is attached. but those surfaces doesn’t recreate the same output sorry.


untrim_bug_trimsurfaces.3dm (243.3 KB)