Unselecting completely selected SubD crash rhino

Replicable in 8.0.23206.14395, 2023-07-25 :

  • perspective , shaded
  • create a SubD object (a thorus)
  • CTRL+SHIFT window select the whole SubD (so completely, also every sub-object)
  • trying to unselect (by clicking away, or unselecting only a part, or with ESC key) causes crash

In this case Rhino crashed already after CTRL + SHIFT window selection.

RhinoCrashDump.3dm (63.7 KB)

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This ^ applies only if 3dconnextion USB dongle is plugged.

I reinstalled Rhino WIP.
3d mouse directions are ok now.

This bug still persist, I’ve just sent another Crash report.
Copying the description here again:

Replicable steps:

  • 3dconnexion USB dongle (wireless) connected, 3d mouse is actually turned OFF
  • Start Rhino WIP
  • Select perspective view (no need to maximise)
  • Set Shaded display mode
  • Create a thorus SubD
  • Completely select the SubD with CTRL-SHIFT and window select

now crash might happens just after selecting or when you deselect.

Thank you for the support.

@Gijs similar case here, probably/maybe fixing this one solves also other similar cases:

  • opening WIP today

  • perspective viewport maximized (double click)

  • setting viewport to shaded (right click on blue tab)

  • creating a thorus subD

  • CTRL+SHIFT cross windows selecting it completely

  • deselecting (sometime not even needed) > rhino crash

Sent a report file crash with same description.

I can replicate this anytime. 5 out of 5 time now…

@maje90 as mentioned, I don’t have a 3d connection mouse here to test that, but mentioned this issue internally.

Hi Riccardo -

Just to make sure, have you modified the default Shaded display mode?
(From another report of yours, it sounds like you have).

I’m almost doing a _Reset every time i’m putting my hands on WIP.
It’s “vanilla”.

I managed to make it crash even with 3dmouse unconnected, but it happens rarely.
With 3dmouse connected it happens 100%.

Just coming back around to make sure. We believe this crash has been fixed in the beta for a few weeks now. Please let us know if you are continuing to see a crash while using your 3d mouse.

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Yes, I can confirm too. It doesn’t happen anymore.
Thank you!