UnrollSrf not keeping properties of points


UnrollSrf with KeepProperties=Yes does not work for point objects.
This applies to V5 as well.

Note that it does work for dots, so I’ll resort to them as a bypass


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Yep, just remembered this issue. Now, I can’t use points as hole data placeholders… Annoying, inconvenient, inconsistent.

Hi Willem - got that, thanks.



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Are you fixing it for V5?

No. Development work for V5 ended as of SR14.
We’re focused on getting V6 released now.

Can this be added to R7, please? TextDots keep the properties. Why can’t points? We really don’t want to add myriad of circles/holes in the surfaces to go around this issue for performance reasons.

Also, what’s the point of unrolling points if they don’t keep the properties anyway?

I just finished 400 lines script, not realizing this hasn’t even been fixed… :sob:

Is it possible to use rhinocommon methods to alleviate this issue?