Unroll/explode volume properly ?!


So I try to unroll a volume (object) (see file: problem) but I can’t do it correctly so that all surfaces matches the surfaces like it should… How can I do it properly? I also tried with labels but nope :/…
Also the teacher asked to unroll it by copying two linked polyhedra and deploy them etc… Can someone please help me with this? problem.3dm (276.2 KB)

This is the unrolled PDF of my teacher… example_teacher.pdf (45.8 KB)

That may turn out to be tricky- you’ll need to decide exactly which edges you would like to keep connected, then UnJoinEdge the others… and hope for the best.

@tugba_kogut see if this does it- use ShowEdges > Naked to see which edges are unjoined.
problemPG.3dm (179.3 KB)



Okay did that but none edges are unjoined?


If I do it, it looks like this

I used your jpg and it is really helpful! But when I use the command showedges-naked nothing happens but showedges-all works and I need to see which surfaces inside are unjoined