Unroll Brep reverses text location order

Hello :slight_smile:
I want to start by mentioning that this forum has been a gold mine for many years now and still is. Thank you!

In regards to my issue :
I have a set of Surfaces that I want to unroll along with some points but when I do that, the point order gets reversed for every Brep. This has never happened before and I tried using every unroll I could find and it is the same outcome.
Yes, I solve it by reversing the point order for each Brep, but I cannot figure out why it is happening. Maybe Iā€™m missing something obvious ?
I unrolled the surfaces in 3 different ways to verify. Can someone please take a look and maybe point me in the right direction ? I would really appreciate it.

unroll reverse text locations.gh (181.7 KB)