Unique attributes for geometry inside block


Is it possible to somehow attach different user attributes to same objects inside block?

Lets say i have got a block with two solid objects inside which is copied 2x in the model representing for instance a pier.

I want the geometry inside the block mantaining dependencies but i want to be able to say a solid´s name in block1 is A but the name of the same solid in block2 will be B.

The default behaviour is that when i define name for a solid inside a block it is the same inside all the blocks.
It is actually how blocks should behave but attributes are bit different.
I think this is theoretically possible since GUIDS are different for same solids in copied blocks so Rhino could someone distinguish geometric dependancies and detach user attributes.

Hi Juan - it is not possible to have different “values” for attributes of the same object in different instances of a block. I’m also not sure how practical that would be in a workflow, as you don’t have a means of extracting that key-value pair without going into BlockEdit mode for each instance.

What you can do, however, is having unique key-value pairs on an instance. That doesn’t point to a specific object in that block but perhaps the “Key” could describe which object the “Value” refers to?
Can you detail a use-case that describes what you are trying to achieve?

I am just developing kind of a BIM workflow in my firm for bridge structures department. I am trying to tailor proccesses so they are as good as possible exploring all the possibilities.

I thought that in the first step i would assign all the desired geometry with certain keys with empty values.

In second step in rhino enviroment i would do the classification of the objects.
This is where i want to keep model modelled as is using blocks, layers without exploding stuff. Thats why i was asking because i have some objects modelled as blocks having same geometry but i want to say this deck is called span 1 and the other one span 2.

In step three i would call objects according to codes embedded in the classification and attach some more attributes specific according to object codes. This time all the attributes are done and i would bake it to new layer called BIM.

Now when i know its not possible i am looking for other means how to get what i need. All i have to think the processes have to be flexible and applicable when changes occur etc.

Thank you for the answer