Undo taking very long

For some reason undo-ing certain VisualArq operations (like simply moving things, or editing control points of railings etc.) takes quite a long time to undo. Like 30 seconds. Sometimes it completely locks up, and Rhino has to be quit in the task manager.
I’m aware that does not help you much now, but I just wanted to tell you. No time for debugging in the moment. Maybe this is a known issue?
Some time ago I also had the problem that the undo stack did not work at all. Didn’t have this for a while, but I suspect VA.
Things like this are hard to repro, but I will keep watching.

Hi @Eugen,

Thanks for reporting. That’s not the regular VisualARQ behaviour, so maybe there is something in the files where you get this slow performance causing it. Please, next time you have these kind of issues, keep in touch with us and send us the file so that we can find a solution.