Undo/Redo inisde command (Rhinocommon c#)

its possible to implement Undo/Redo feature inside command. For example, in class Rhino.Input.Custom.GetPoint, when I get a lot of points in the loop, I wanna to implement undo/redo for single point. Just as in the Polyline command in Rhino.

Thanks for help.

Hi Marcin,

The Polyline command maintains an array of picked points. When you click the Undo option, it simply removes the last element in the array.

Does this help?

– Dale

I know, but my Command code looks like this:

// Rhino.Input.Custom.GetPoint Class      
gcp = new GetCircleRadiusPoint(new Point3d(0,0,0),gmeshes,block,window);
                gcp.SetCommandPrompt("Point o object (Press ESC or ENTER to cancel...)");

                gcp.Constrain(gmeshes, false);
                  // Begin undo Record
                    gcp.Get(true); //get points while left mouse button is up
                 // End undo Record
                    if (gcp.CommandResult() == Result.Cancel)

This command get points on Mesh while user press Enter o Esc. Undo works only on whole Command,
I do not know how to write code to Undo work in each call on gcp.Get () method;

Thanks for help

Hi Marcin,

Does this sample give you any hints?


– Dale

Very thanks Dale,

This piece of code solved the problem:

  else if (res == GetResult.Undo)
                    // my UNDO code

so simple, GetResult.Undo :slight_smile: I missed it in reading Rhinocommon docs.