Unblock instance in rhino


i have a object from sketchup, i import into rhino and i want to call from grasshopper using pipeline or surface,

how can i unblock the object?

i have attached the file to unblock

thanks in advance

i will appreciate any help

Tree_example_DA (1).skp (2.7 MB)

Elefront has some block components. See below for a Elefront 4.3 example.

Rhino WIP has some new block features in GH1 as well.

RE_block_components.gh (11.4 KB)

thanks for your reply but i dont know what i have to do.

this is what i need to do

The tree contains over 28,000 meshes, which can be extracted using the Deconstruct Block. This takes a few seconds and be aware that any further actions (converting to a surface?) are going to be intensive. What is the goal here?

the goal is to simulate shading effect in a building