Unable to filter multiple branches in data tree

Hey all,

What I have:
a data tree with two types of branches - they either start with a 1 or with a 0 -

What I want:
to retrieve all of the ones that start with a 1 or 0.

How I used to do this:
I would just use a tree branch panel and insert: {0;} or {1;} - and done!

For some reason I’m unable get this done. Could anyone shed some light on the issue?

Data_Tree_Branch_allocate1.gh (10.3 KB)

I don’t think Tree Branch takes syntax like that, you are thinking of Split Tree component.

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Replying from a mobile phone, so can’t really open and see your attached file. But from what you have described, it doesn’t sound very difficult.

Try tree statistics, figure out a way to dispatch the branches statistics based on your standards, and then select tree branches using the dispatched ones, that will essentially split the tree.

Guess it is quite a generic approach.

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