Unable to edit face color of polysurface object?


In Rhino 7 (7.3.21026.13002, 2021-01-26), I’m unable to define a Face Color for a closed extrusion (i.e. Box).
What I do is select the target face with SHIFT + CMD and in the Properties panel under Face Color, click on the small button that makes the color selection window pop up. Now, if I select a color and hit Apply nothing happens, and the small button remains in a pressed state.

Is this a bug or is it simply not possible to edit the colors of individual faces of a polysurface?

Video footage

faces from extrusions seemed to be excluded from this function, it works only on polysurfaces.

Oh, I see. It would probably be better to grey the Face Color option out for these types of objects.

or simply allow to color faces of extrusion.

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Wild guess (I don’t have V7): faces are inside out, you’re looking at the back side? Use flip to invert.

Nope. :wink:

I agree. Logged here:

RH-62789 Face Color appears enabled on subsurfaces of closed extrusions

Thanks for reporting this.

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