Unable to Attach Voronoi to Surface

Hey Peeps,

Have been trying out some tutorials on creating voronoi from YouTube. Everything went well until the part where I need to attached the patterns onto the surface using surface morph.

Can anyone help and explain what went wrong please?Voronoi Surface.3dm (139.4 KB)
Voronoi Surface.gh (18.3 KB)

Voronoi Surface_re.gh (23.7 KB)


Oh my god, thank you so much. So the key is re-parametric.

Funny that the tutorial manage to use box but we have to use bounding / union box. Interesting.

If you do Boolean Union the whole voronoi extrusions into one piece of geometry, then you can also use Box parameter.

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I see what you mean. Thank you once again. You’re a great help.