UI—Insert Block Instance—suggested improvements

THESE suggestions relate to the command Insert Block Instance [based on my experience in Rhino 7 (7.12 etc., Mac)]. When this command is invoked, could ~

  • a press of the tab key be made to jump to the first editable field?
    i.e. the Description field, the X field for Insertion point, or for Scale?

  • a further press of the tab key jumps from Scale X—not first to the Angle field but rather—to the next obvious variable, the Scale Y value (and then to Scale Z and finally to the Angle field, then circles back to the first editable field).

  • there be an ability to lock together two values, either X & Y, or Y & Z (and maybe X & Z too). This, for example, would save re-typing a value and ensure that two values were the same.

Taken together, these changes would speed-up insertions where a similar edit were being applied to a Block Instance. Apologies if this has been covered before.


Clive Carter