UI Dark skin


Really want a slick dark skin option in version 6 to help my sore eyes :slight_smile


uff… getting dark here, even your slight smile faded into the abyss of darkness :grin:
but yeah some new ui colors for the thirsty vamps would be cool i am all in.

(John Brock) #3

There’s nothing stopping you from building one.


any idea if there is an approach for this being possible on mac sooner or later?

(Pascal Golay) #5

My guess is yes, but that is a guess. You can also skin Rhino at the code/plug-in level, I don’t know if that is part of the question.



Here is how to do a Windows version, new dev docs … Creating a Skin (Windows)

Old Wiki Document

Any idea where to start looking for doing this Mac-Side? Not that I need to do this, I can get my work done just fine with the default / custom layout look I have right now.

And I suppose this should also be on the Rhino for Mac category.