UI Dark skin

Really want a slick dark skin option in version 6 to help my sore eyes :slight_smile

uff… getting dark here, even your slight smile faded into the abyss of darkness :grin:
but yeah some new ui colors for the thirsty vamps would be cool i am all in.

There’s nothing stopping you from building one.

any idea if there is an approach for this being possible on mac sooner or later?

My guess is yes, but that is a guess. You can also skin Rhino at the code/plug-in level, I don’t know if that is part of the question.


Here is how to do a Windows version, new dev docs … Creating a Skin (Windows)

Old Wiki Document

Any idea where to start looking for doing this Mac-Side? Not that I need to do this, I can get my work done just fine with the default / custom layout look I have right now.

And I suppose this should also be on the Rhino for Mac category.