Typo in in Rhino.Display.DisplayModeDescription.DeleteDiplayMode

Hi Willem - good catch.
It actually works with the typo. I guess fixing it now could potentially mess up any code written to-date :slight_smile:

Caught it while trying to find a solution to your issue in the other topic.
I guess there will be a need to keep this typo method working and implement a copy of the method with the correct naming. But the developers will know how to solve this best.

Still not found a solution for the display mode ‘purging’ issue

Thanks, I figured! For a second I hoped the problem was that typo… but no.

I used to go about duplicating display modes via RhinoScript: exporting to .ini file, editing name and GUIDs there, and re-importing. There was no issue as I have with Python, all worked OK except it was a bit slower since the file export/import. When processing many modes Python speed gain would be great, if only I could solve the “purge” issue.