Typical beam sections/library

I am familiar with parametric geometry and my question is very simple. Is it the only way to construct a parametric section in Rhino+GH to build a very complicated script like this? Nothing a bit more straight forward than creating points with offsets and connecting them with lines?
What if I need to create a complete library? Better to use custom nodes?

Hi Cesare -

Possibly. It’s hard to tell from that image and without knowing what needs to be parametric and what can be fixed.

I’m not sure what that means. Completely different designs or selected combinations of parameters of a single design?

If all you want to do is hide complexity, you could put all processing components inside a Cluster component and only have the inputs and output visible on the canvas:


I guess that what he means is that Rhino, and even Grasshopper could use a bit of 2D sketching constraints magic like most modern CAD packages, even free ones.