Convert a design of house to small pieces

Hi all,

I have designed a house in Rhino, and now I am trying to parametrize the house into small components. Could you please guide me how can I do that in rhino or grasshopper? See an example of what I mean in the attached picture; please note that the provided example was generated by Dynamo.

Thank you

IMHO, what you want to do is not a speciality of GH, but architectural BIM tools like Revit or Archicad can handle such task well.

Thank you for your response. If you could provide me with any guidance I would greatly appreciate your help

In grasshopper you can create structure elements, sub structure elements , and facade patterns, parametric wall interior,optimization etc in minor to major level after that as @HS_Kim says you should move to BIM for architectural details and drawing creations. And some Bim plugins connection also Available for grasshopper like geometry gym,grevit etc… this will help you better. Thank you

Thank you very much, really useful