Two solids, cannot boolean between them

I’m slowly working through my anti-Rhino issues by posting them here and finding what the solutions are. My latest “I don’t understand why this isn’t working” issue is a pretty straight forward boolean operation between two solids. I can’t intersect, difference, union, nothing.

bool union fail.3dm (566.8 KB)

I lean on the collective wisdom of you all.

I check intersect between these two parts and it created 2 lines instead of 1. I moved the smallest part 0.001 mm down and now it seems to be working. In case you want to fillet the corner it creates you might run into issues with this solution though.
180227 Boolean.3dm (592.7 KB)

Also, you have some funky stuff here in the corner.

I would save the fillets for later, and you might find if you explode and intersect, you get more control of were to split surfaces of the two shapes where they are coincident. Once you get the two unfilleted bases trimmed up, you might find FilletSrf gives you better results were FilletEdge might fail. As was pointed out, you are also trying to wrap an 8mm fillet around a corner that is too small. You could reduce the size of the fillet, or as I did in the problem area, trim it out and sweep the result.

bool union fail_SP.3dm (1.6 MB)

You have a lot of garbage geometry in your model.
I would scrap it and start over.

This is not hard to model using Rhino’s surface modeling tools You will end up with cleaner more accurate geometry.
No bool.3dm (274.2 KB)

Rhino created the garbage by extruding two very simple curves and a couple filletedge commands.

I’m not sure how else to model this.

I used FilletSrf