Tween curves fail

I moved this here so it woud not get lost in the meme thread-

Meme, Art or Bug-Report ?

well it s the result of _tweencurves

WARNING - here is the file - opening might crash your system - save all stuff before playing arround.
tweencurves_bug.3dm (3.0 MB)

can you post the curves before you did the tween?

Hard to tell what the starting point was here.

I think it is unrepeatable - but i give it a try… (let me finish starting the 3d-printer first…)
I thought it s unique… ;-D
(one of the features of Art)

It’s nice though.


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there is no copyright on it - feel free to print it on a t-shirt


did not manage to reproduce this art piece.

I picked two edges of a polysurface and run tweencurves (N=1, MatchMethode = none)
(MatchMethode sample points returns the expected result)

  • the data is from a student, I wanted to place some cylinders / holes in the visual center.
    this issue does not have any priority for me - that s why i posted it in the Meme Gallery.

what is crazy - the results varies depending on the click Position (more then 2 different results)

tweencurves_bug_02.3dm (3.1 MB)