Tween between two curves (irregular spacing?)

Hi everybody,

Let’s imagine we have two curves and want to make a typical _TweenCurves in order to get a couple of new transition curves.

Just wondering if it is possible to choose where the transition curves appear instead of trying a higher and higher number of cvs until some of them come out more or less where they are needed to be.

Is there a way to click a point between the two original curves in order to get the transition one exactly intersecting that point? Something like _ThroughPoint selection into the _Offset cmd…

Thank you!


you could create a _Loft between both curves, then extract an isocurve from the resulting surface at the required point using _Split _Isocurve.




Thank you so much clement!

Anyway it would be good to have this option into the _TweenCurves to be faster, but now I can do exactly what I wanted :slight_smile:

Hi Jordi - just for the sake of completeness… you can use ExtractIsocurve on the loft as well to get the curves a little more directly.



Thanks for the prompt :wink: