Tutorials / use case examples


I’m specifically looking for documentation or help on using Wallaceri for generative plans. Was wondering if there are any resources created by the community that looks at different use cases, maybe I could learn something?

I’m a student. Would like to make some tutorials for the community when I get the hang of it, but for now I’m trying to learn as much as possible about Wallacei.


What about the website?

Btw, “generative plans” - as in good, usable architecture - is pretty much a pipe dream of people that don’t really understand machine learning. Take it from someone who has been trying for some time now. There is practically no data, and you would need thousands, if not millions of sorted and annotated plans to train a sound model.

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Hi Julian

Thanks to Wallacei we have solved important problems in our practice regarding space configuration and façade optimisation.

Please find the links regarding the projects below:

Hope that helps
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I have some plans to create a new playlist in our Youtube channel just for Wallacei workflow tutorials in near future. One of them is going to be using Wallacei for spatial planning for sure.