Tubes at 45º angle with a random position

Hello experts!

Im trying to make a line of tubes with a 45º angle and i also want them to be in random highs. But when i make them in random hights some of them are overlapping.

So this is what i want to make but i want it to be able to change the amout os tubes for the future.

but this is what im getting :

I was also able to achive this but now i wanted the tubes to have the same size

So this is where im at right now…

Hope someone can help me im still a noob on grasshoper and i tryed several stuff and googled some more but im not being hable to get what i want hope you can help me ! thanks!

You’re almost there.
If what you want is tubes of the same length shifted along their length by random amounts,
instead of using Random for the lengths, use a single value,
then use a Move component on the lines with the input vector being that 45 degree angled vector multiplied by a random number.

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Thank you! im gonna try!

It worked!!! Amazing thank you!

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Another option of first scaling the lines and then rotating. (10.0 KB)

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I tried doing that at first but i was not using the mid point! A small but very impotant change! thank you!! You guys are amazing!