TTToolbox - Stop opening Excel file - Tree branches

Good day,

I am using Rhino 8 + TTToolbox, Version 2.0.8

I want to read information from dozens of Excel files and process them further in Grasshopper. However, every time the Excel file opens, and with +50 files, it affects the performance, plus you have to close them manually afterwards.

Is it possible to prevent the files from opening? I understand that Grasshopper cannot read the file otherwise.

Are there other ways to achieve my goal? Ideas are welcome.

See screenshot: If I later read the X,Y,Z values from 40 files, how can I work with the Branches and Trees to separate the information accordingly? -Values that are above and below my coordinates in the Excel table would probably also have to be filtered out.

Excel structure: X,Y,Z values each 10-20 pieces = measuring points, from which a polyline should be generated for each individual Excel file. These are measurements of executed drillings.

Thank you for your time! :slightly_smiling_face: