TTToolbox Excel read decimal separator problem


I’m encountering a problem with the TTToolbox Read Excel component. I’m trying to read my Excel data, where I use a dot as the decimal separator. When I output the Excel data in Grasshopper, I get data with a dot decimal separator. However, right after I make any change in my sheet (with live boolean set to true), all data suddenly change the separator to a comma.

It doesn’t matter if I use a number or text cell format in Excel; the problem remains the same. The data returns to the dot decimal separator when I retrigger the live boolean toggle.

Excel data:

After turning live boolean to true and before updating sheet:

After updating any data in the sheet:

This solution is stupid af, but may help you temporary:

If something works isn’t stupid, but I encountered another problem with live reading from excel. After changing one cell, it updates in grasshopper, but any other change stops updating.

I’ve learned to keep updates off. They slow down Gh terribly.
Better make all changes, save in Excel and recompute session in GH.


Yes in many cases it’s the best way, but in my case i have to see live changes, so I did it previously with sliders.

Try this:

Yeah this walkaround is working pretty well :slight_smile: Thanks Piotr :smiley:

You’re welcome.

Well, with this working pretty well I overcolored a little bit :smiley: For bigger amount of data it is slow as f…, but generally your idea is very helpful :slight_smile:

I warned ya.

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