Trying to use my "editpythonscript" inside grasshopper

Hi! I was trying to use one script I made in the “editpythonscript” inside grasshopper with no luck. Not sure why it is not working, the scripts looks like this:

But when trying to use the exact same script in grasshopper it is not working? Any ideas why this is happening?

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Since you’re writing about Grasshopper and Python, I’m guessing that you’re using the GHPython component?
If that’s the case, then you’ve forgotten to pass anything out of it. It has a default output a for this, which you can rename to whatever.
It works by passing something to a variable of the same name.

However, in your case your makeBox() function first needs to return something. Currently, it’s only calling rs.AddBox(), which adds a box to the Rhino document.
In Grasshopper, you’re better off using only RhinoCommon - the API -, and getting rid of the rhinoscriptsyntax code. It’s primarily meant to script in Rhino.

import Rhino.Geometry as rg
import math

HALF_PI = 0.5 * math.pi

def make_box(w, h, d, angle):
    corners = []
    delta = math.atan((w * 0.5) / (d * 0.5)) + math.radians(angle)
    length = math.sqrt((d * 0.5)**2 + (w * 0.5)**2)
    for j in xrange(2):
        for i in xrange(4):
            x = -math.cos(delta + i * HALF_PI) * length
            y = -math.sin(delta + i * HALF_PI) * length
            corners.append(rg.Point3d(x, y, h * j))
    return rg.Box(rg.Plane.WorldXY, corners)

if __name__ == "__main__":
    a = make_box(10, 20, 10, 5.0)

I don’t know what all the angle stuff is about, but this should work.

thank you! this works :slight_smile: