Trying to understand Surface Morph

Hi all;

I’m trying to get a basket shape structure. For that I created a flat brep and I’m trying to apply the brep on to a surface, but I’m facing many issues that I don’t know how to manage.

First is that is not getting closed, so I have to change manualy one of the domains to get it “closed”
Same happens with the high, I need the same high as per the surface that I’m using to apply the brep onto.
Wouldn’t be easier to use Sporph instead to get it closed and with the same high of the surface ? I’ve given a try but the result is totally rigid,

Any help will be very much appreciated.


JoanBasket (10.7 KB)
Basket Forum.3dm (371.4 KB)

Like this?

Basket (204.4 KB)


Thank you so much Kim.