Truss dome

How do I draw a truss dome with a series of radial trusses and a tensile ring like the one below?

Truss (13.6 KB)


Your answer is excellent, thank you :pray: :rose: :rose:, but I wanted a three-dimensional truss arch. How can I make this 2D truss 3D?

I designed this truss myself, but I want to design like your truss, which is a joint and triangular ground connection, but I can not!

You said you were going to make a dome, wasn’t it?
IMHO, in order to make a dome, the type of truss you think is probably too much of a structure when you do polar array. :wink:
If you keep thinking about it, the basic algorithm will be the same, so it won’t be difficult, so try to think about it more.

Yes, I use polar array, but whatever I do to connect the two arched trusses to each other will not work?

I can in a parallel truss, but it does not work in the truss whose code you designed :pensive: :cry:
Please help me :pray:
Uploading: example.3dm… (25.8 KB)

3dm link broken.

OK. Here’s how I would go about your second thought type of truss with “not too much structure” way.
Of course it’s different fr your sketch.
You’ll need Lunchbox plugin.

Truss (28.0 KB)


Hello, thank you very much :pray: :rose: