Truncated cone / stairs

Hello Rhino Pro’s!

I’m having some difficulties modeling a truncated cone / stair object. I have to admit I’m quite new to modeling in Rhino, as I regularly only use Archicad for work.
The problem is I have to get used to this new way of modeling in which I keep referring to what I’m used to, and in which I hope some of you can help.

I am trying to cut the top of this truncated cone using the stairs I modeled.
After which I can insert the second cone to form the center piece.
The image is what I modeled before in Archicad, the outer skin should be smooth, the inside cone should become perforated.

This is how far I have come yet in Rhino, the stairs and cones modeled, it just has to come together yet.

Hope somebody can help!

Hi Vince - please post a file.


Hello Pascal, this is the file I’m working with, and an STL as what I am trying to achieve.
Thanks in advance!

Kegelprint.3dm (4.6 MB)
Kegel Def testprint 1op200.stl (17.8 MB)

Too much detail. GH is better choice.

For the stairs and perforation that might be a good idea. Although the stairs seem to work out quite well now too?
I just wish I could combine the steps of the stair with the bottom half of the cone.

It seems that I have things working quite well now. I have made three Closed Solid Polysurfaces. Now the final step of cutting (boolean?) doesn’t seem to work, what am I doing wrong?
I wish to cut the bottom of the cone off with the stairs, and then cut a hole in the stair with the triangel piece.

Compleet.3dm (13.7 MB)

Even though the staircase is supposed to be a Solid, the booleans don’t work on it, they do on all other parts. How can I check what is wrong wit the object?
Thank you in advance!