True False value return for empty/ not empty items in list

as described.
I’m looking for probably the simplest thing that should be possible in Grasshopper.
very simply I have a list. some items are empty and some items aren’t.

I just want to translate that to Yes/ No. or True/ False list.

I can’t seem to find a way. replacing nulls with text works great for the empty cells, but finding whether an items has anything in it I can’t figure out.

Can you upload the gh file?

You can try this

Hi All, please see attached image for example of what I want:

PS: Null Item node didn’t work. it returns everything as False

you can upload file?

Sort list with Yes or (8.1 KB)

Hi, I’ve uploaded image and sample GH file of what I need. thank you

Sort list with Yes or (6.0 KB)


I couldn’t think of a normal component, so I did it in C#.
Kim’s way is better than mine.

Sort list with Yes or (9.6 KB)

2022-12-06 13_43_01-Window

@HS_Kim This worked great, thank you!

@11159 This is gold, realizing I must learn coding to take GH to the next step.

@maje90 You win simplest solution, thank you. replacing false and true with yes no is pretty easy.
thank you, very useful in a lot of other applications.