Troubles Creating Surface from Points

Hi everyone,
I’m having troubles creating a surface from a series of points. LONG story as to how I got to this point, but I ended up having to create a mesh to use kangaroo to achieve this form. Now I’m trying to turn the mesh back into a surface in order to use paneling tools for fabrication. I’m doing this by creating contours in the U and V directions (quite a lot for increased accuracy), then dividing those U and V curves, and dividing the exploded rectangular boundary curve by the same amount of divisions. I’m now trying to use SURFACE FROM POINTS to create this surface. It’s close, but for some reason it is creating the surface OF the lines rather than between them. Any help on this method or any other method of creating a complex surface from a series of lines would be very much appreciated. :slight_smile:
Images + GH file attached. The data has been internalized.

Problem creating surface from points, (479.6 KB)
Ryan (483.7 KB)


Thank you Joseph! That was insanely fast :slight_smile: