Failed boolean difference

I failed to perform boolean difference here to make these corner matching to each other perfectly. Can you please help me with that?

Thank you!

Hi @AA_samoyed,

Can you post a 3dm file with the geometry?

Does Rhino’s BooleanDifferrence command work with these objects?

– Dale

here it is!

Thanks Dale!

forum_boolean difference problem.3dm (2.0 MB)

Hi @AA_samoyed,

I’m confused. Are you trying to use Rhino.Compute, RhinoCommon, or just Rhino’s BooleanDifference command? If you are performing Boolean operations, then it’s best that you have closed polysurfaces (e.g. solids).

– Dale

I’m just using rhino’s booleandifference command.

Ok Lemme try again! thanks dale!


can I ask how do I close polysurfaces like the above?

The easiest way to create closed polysurfaces from what you have in your file is by taking the two main surfaces of a part. Extract the borders and loft these curves. Then join the two surfaces with the loft.

The intersection is a bit messy, maybe splitting with a plane would lead to a better result. Depends on what you want to do next…

forum_boolean difference problem.3dm (2.3 MB)

Thanks @martinsiegrist for your suggestion!

I’m trying to add thickness of the cream surface and turn it into an enclosed object except for the one big face of opening. Do you have other recommendations?


Not exactly sure which surface you are talking about.

This part could be done as one lofted surface from the two green curves, then thickened. But it requires a bit of cleaning at the bottom end since you end up with self-intersecting geometry as it is now.

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Thank you Martin!