Trouble rotating profile along a 3d curve

Hello, I have a profile that I am trying to sweep along a curve, but also I want it to rotate a full 360 degrees as it sweeps along the curve.

I got the shape I wanted once, but that was done by creating a surface, bending and twisting it. ( The solid in the file ) I’ve been trying to simplify the process and make it easier to adjust the profile shape. It seems that I should be able to do this with a sweep-1 rail, but having the profile at the start and end, it should ‘rotate’ it 360 degrees as it sweeps the rail. But I haven’t been able to get too close to the original. Is there a way to do this with sweep-1 and preserve the shape, distances, and other properties of the profile? Thanks.

rotate-problem.3dm (3.6 MB)

Try this:

Create a second curve using Helix with the AroundCurve option, Mode=Turns and Turns=1 Be careful to click on one end of the curve as the start point.

Sweep2 using the original curce and helix curve as the rails.

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David, Thanks i’ve tried that a few ways but no matter how I select it, the helix ( or spiral for that matter ) doesn’t rotate around the curve a full 360 ( if I select 1 turn ). That seems to lead to the shape being squashed, or the perpendicular surfaces being moved off 90 degrees, to each other. I’m sure i’m missing something but haven’t been able to crack it yet. Any suggestion? thanks