Trouble Initializing RhinoCAM

I am having trouble initializing RhinoCAM plug in with Rhino 6. I get the error message that says, “Unable to load RhinoCAM 2020 For Rhino6.0.rhp plug-in: initialization failed.”

Has anyone else come across this issue? I can’t find any solutions to it on the RhinoCAM website, and I haven’t heard back from RhinoCAM about it. Thanks!

Latest version of Rhino 6? Latest version of RhinoCAM 2020? Windows up to date?

If all three, I guess I would call Mecsoft support directly, they’re pretty helpful.

Everything is up to date including Windows, but still no good.

MecSoft still isn’t answering calls or replying to the email I sent, but I’ll keep trying to reach out to them. Thanks for the quick reply!

Still a bit early there in California, only 07:45 at the moment - maybe try again later…

Good point, I guess I’m too adjusted to my own 7am work schedule!