Trouble creating a solid from a mesh height map

Hi folks,
I’m trying to turn a depth map of a photo into a solid so I can export it to fusion 360 and program my CNC router to cut it into a piece of wood. The idea here is that the image will be visible when you shine light through the wood. The difference between the thinnest point on the image and the thickest will be quite small (0.011" and 0.025"), so accuracy matters. I’ve successfully turned the image in a height map, but am having trouble turning it into a solid.
So two questions:

  1. How do I enclose this mesh into a solid rectangle where the base of the solid starts on the xy plane? (I want it to start on the xy plane because I already have sliders for setting the proper height of the lowest and highest points of the image surface above the xy plane.)

  2. What’s the best way to export this to fusion360 to preserve accuracy?


Image height to (465.6 KB)

Just following up here. Anyone have any ideas?

Why did you use a mesh instead of a surface?

Image height to (578.1 KB)

And why two Image Samplers?

I don’t know the aspect ratio of the image (wait, it’s 576 by 572 pixels or a ratio of 1.007) or the final dimensions you want but I would think something like this is more appropriate to the thickness you mentioned? A “Closed Brep” solid, not a mesh.

Image height to (298.1 KB)

You could push the resolution up to 572…

Very helpful, thanks. I tried both mesh and closed brep - neither was working for me. There are two Image samplers because one samples colors and the other greyscale for the height map.