Trimmed polysurface to surface

Wanna merge these surfaces together… cant find better option to do so… did try in grasshopper… there also it doesnt work.
one is trimmed surface and other are normal surface… joining them gives me polysurface… further wanna workout on grasshopper which needs a normal surface to work on… i hope somebody helps me… my whole day has been into this…

Hello- jugding from the images, there is no way to crreate a single surface that accurately reproduces what you have there. It may be possible to come up with an approximation that will do , depending on the goal but only maybe… can you post a vcouple of these in a 3dm file?
Why do you need single surfaces, exactly?

grasshopper fluid analysis.3dm (15.8 MB)
hey thanks for replying… so i wanna do this fluid analysis test via anemone and dendro which only requires a surface. if this is an approximated topography surface also… that will also work for me. Thanks Pascal for replying.

Hi Jenil - can the analysis software use a mesh?


No pascal… it actually needs a surface… further which it divides the surface and procceds with other tools. but mesh is not working. i did try with mesh.

I also tried to make contours from this, loft it, and make a surface from it. but that actually crashes the rhino. tried many times, then stopped doing it.

I’m sorry, I do not have a good idea - I wouldf expect analysis software to use meshes, in whgich case we might have a chance but I do not see a way out with a single surface.


okay thankyou