Trim/Split Brep with a Curve C++ SDK


this is a pretty basic question, and I think there is a simple answer for RhinoCommon, but I haven`t found the satisfying solution for C++. So, if I have a (closed) curve projected onto a brep, and I want to trim or split the Brep, I basically found two functions:

  1. RhinoBrepSplit - this takes ON_Brep as a “splitter” argument, so I have to extrude or do something else with the Curve to transform it into a Brep before I can split the original Brep, which complicates the matter significantly…

  2. RhinoBrepTrim - I do not really understand the documentation and the implementation of this function and it seems like it also takes ON_Brep as the “cutter”…

So what would be the simples way?


Try “RhinoSplitBrepFace”

Hi @dimcic,

The Rhino SDK does not have a function that splits a Brep with a curve. Do do this, extrude the curve through the Brep and then use RhinoBrepSplit.

– Dale