Trim a solid and have the hole created closed

Can trim command include a ‘close trimmed area’ option ?

I trimmed a solid then had to use surfacing commands to heal up the wounds !


If the trimming object is a surface or another solid which intersects the solid use BooleanDifference instead of Trim. Or Trim the solid, and the trimming surface or solid to each other.

If the trimming object is a curve which will be used with with UseApparentIntersections option of Trim then ExtrudeCrv the curve first so that it intersects the solid and then use BooleanDifference. Or ExtrudeCrv the curve and then Trim the solid and extrudes solid to each other.

With curves as trimmers, you can also use Wirecut. With surfaces, you can use BooleanSplit and then delete the unwanted part(s). --Mitch