Trigger update button through pythonscript

Is there a way to press the play button on trigger component using rhino python script(NOT from inside the GhPython component of .gh file ).
Is there a way to execute a GhPython component from rhino python script,since the trigger is executing that component only

I was able to get here, But, I don’t see any methods to trigger the component’s button.

import Grasshopper

ghdoc_server = Grasshopper.GH_InstanceServer.DocumentServer
doc = ghdoc_server[0]

for object in doc.Objects:
    if object.Name == 'Trigger':
        print object.NickName

Alternatively, you can create a GhPython Script component, and control it, how ever you want.

import Grasshopper
import time

interval = 10 #ms
interval_in_seconds = interval/1000

# Define here, what happens when the trigger is activated
def doSomething(target_component):

# Find the gh_comp object from canvas
ghdoc_server = Grasshopper.GH_InstanceServer.DocumentServer
doc = ghdoc_server[0]
target_object = None
for object in doc.Objects:
    if object.Name == 'GhPython Script' and object.NickName == 'test_comp':
        target_object = object
# Maybe you can add w ehile loop to run
# and use RhinoGet function to break
# But, here is a simpler example.
for i in range(5):


Kaushik LS
Chennai, IN

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Thank you very much for the solution

one more stupid ques

how do you nickname a ghpython script component?

nvm got it TY

from Code:

# inside 'GhPython Script' component
ghenv.Component.Nickname = 'test_comp'

from Canvas:


TY again

You’re welcome.
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