Start Trigger Component with Python

Hello. Anyone knows how to start a Trigger component with GhPython?
Thank you.


Instead of trying to puppeteer the Trigger component from GHPython, you could include the timer functionality directly in your GHPython component!


Thanks a lot! That’s working by itself. What i was trying to do is combining it with if statement. Here you turn boolean toggle on and timer is working. I tried print (Counter) and i couldn’t manage.

[Assuming this is for GhPython in Gh]

Just add an input named ‘Run’ and of type Boolean

then put this

if Run:

and put your code, indented, inside

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Yes Sir, this is for GhPython in Gh. I have a changing speed list and speed values. If some of them is bigger than 0 i print some specific points and that works. I want to print that points and start timer at the same time but whenever i turn boolean toggle true, it starts couting immediately. No relation with if clause.