Trigger input to bake all dimensions and patterns?

I just seen a Youtube video called Rhino 7 with the new Hatch Pattern component in Grasshopper and I noticed that actually it is missing one core function, that of an input to trigger the bake of the pattern. David, please understand that only to visualise the things in Grasshopper it is not enough. We need to BAKE, and a lot, what we see on the screen and it is counter-productive to right-click and press the bake button on every single node when working with complex definitions.

Please add an additional input to all the Dimensions and Patterns that can trigger an automatic bake from an external trigger.

Also noticed that this components are missing into the actual RhinoMAC WIP. Hopefully they will be added sooner than later. Thank you for all the effort to make such great tools but please take into account that we need to bake and use later on in Rhino whatever we are seeng in Grasshopper.

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So does this include layer options along with user attributes? I not only need to bake but with variables as well, which is typically handled in Human or Elefront (which does have a bake-all component).

Yes, indeed, need to find a solution to pass all this arguments to the bake option without the use of Elefront which it is not working on RhinoMAC.