Trial version of RhinoResurf

Hello Rhino users,

I have got a small trouble to use the RhinoResurf 2.0 plugin. Previoulsy, I have installed a 90 days trial version of Rhino 5.0 and have used the RhinoResurf 2.0 plugin for my meshes. It was working perfectly fine.

After few months now, I have activated the license for Rhino 5.0 and want to use the trial version of RhinoResurf 2.0. I can install the plugin from:

But while using it says:

Rhinoresurf tiral has expired!
You have exceeded 30 trial days!
Please register this software to remove trial limitations!.

Does it mean that I need to register the RhinoResurf and no longer use the trial version for the licensed Rhino 5.0?

Can anyone please help me how to get reaccess to the trial version of the plugin?

Thanks in advance.

Best regards,

Exactly, that mean You must buy a license.

You can’t… that’s what “trial” means. Try it for a specific, limited period of time to see if you want to buy it. It’s not freeware.