Trees Pack / Unpack


i have three different trees no relation to another and i want to be able to stack them and unstack them unharmed pathwise. This is in order to transfer multiple data across my document at once and also plug multiple data at once instead of doing it one wire at a time. my document is heavy and i have to lock - unlock solver all the time in order to switch some wires.

So the idea is to have some sort of cluster like a “GROUP” node but with multiple inputs and one output and another “UNGROUP” cluster one input multiple outputs to decompose my trees again. But ofcourse each tree has to remain intact holding the same data structure.

So this what i’ve tryied already, but i havent figured a way yet to do the decomposing with only one input.
Hope this makes sense

So i managed to do it i think, it works for the number of trees i needed but can be upscaled i think. Here is the definition in case someone knows a better way. Maybe i’ve missed something entirely obvious…

Tree (22.4 KB)

Does this work as you need it to…
On the Entwine you need to click the middle and unclick the flatten tree option.
Bang! Component is called Explode tree.