Traveling origin in V6?

In AutoCAD you could toggle a switch that allowed your origin to be the drawing origin, OR have it temporarily be the first click of any given command. As example, if I am drawing a 2" x 2" box at some random location, I am currently clicking the first location, then typing “r2,2”
You could set the software to always take your first click as the “0,0” for the next input. It did not do anything to the World Origin, just for the event at hand. Does this switch exist in Rhino?
Thanks in advance!

Hello - yep- r2,2 or @2,2 works in Rhino.


Yes - thank you, but can you put Rhino in a mode where it does not need the “r” because it knows the first point is the current origin?

Additionally, is there anything other than the comma that can be used as the delimiter? The comma forces two hand operation, or slowness in moving the first hand. If, for instance a double period could be recognized as the delimiter, one hand would be all it takes…

Hm, nothing that I know of… ‘r’ or ‘@’ are the ones…
And, yes, only commas.