Transparent curves

I’m just tryna make some curves have a ‘transparent’ property value of like 50 percent.

I thought this would be easy… What am I missing?

Works here…

The curves are set at 50% transparency and are in front of the hatch…

This is perhaps a better example - white background and curves in ~10% increments of opacity, 10% on the left and 100% on the right.

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That’s awesome! :sunglasses:

I’m missing the GUI part of it though. Maybe I’m being forgetful idk…

What’s the trick?

somem bout these tabs look different:

I’ve never really changed curve transparency before, so I don’t really have memory of the interface in previous versions…

lol that’s so cool! what’s the secret? :sweat_smile:

Properties>Color picker, lower the transparency slider…

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:open_mouth: :beers: :partying_face: thanks! :beers:

I was referencing this:

And was like um somem different. :joy:

awesome! :sunglasses:

That post was from 2016, before transparency was possible I think.

You can also assign transparency by layer…

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That’s awesome. Yeah I’m familiar with using materials on surfaces n’ stuff, but I’ve not really tried it on curves until today.

And now I see these options change depending on the type of entity selected, which I guess makes sense, but the curves threw me a curve ball :sweat_smile:


I was looking for ‘material’ and couldn’t make it make sense.

But I see the trick now :sunglasses: :beers:cheers!

I’m working on a logo project, where I have curves overlaying eachother and over a picture, and this new additional trick is awesome (new to me anyway) :smiley:

cant show whole logo though top secret. doing some updates to it :slightly_smiling_face: