Transfer data from one list to another when name is the same

I have two lists of drill holes, one for the location and one for the layers, and I want to join them into one. I’ve tried transferring the locations to the layers with the same ID of the drill holes but I found no solution and I hope someone can help me. (in the new list currently represented by the nulls)

Maybe check for null an than use replace members

Ah, no I realized I didn’t understand you. How would you the list to be like?

In the right list there are the layers and I want to replace the nulls with the correct locations of the borehole that are in the upper left list, with the the same id (like borehole id 36462 location to all layers with id 36462 or 36503 → 36503 and so on).

It may be just me. I still don’t get it. Sometimes an image says more than 1000 words. Even better if it comes along with a file!
Since you seem to be relativly new to this forum(Welcome btw) I may suggest read this:

At least for me it would be helpful, if you could grab a panel and manually fill out one list with the desired output and maybe attach minimal version with all related data internalized.

I upload the file for you and hope it helps to understand what I mean.

I uploaded the file for you and hope it helps to understand what I mean. In the list “Datensatz Positionen” are the location of the several boreholes and in list “Datensatz Geologie” are all the layers of the boreholes. I want to combine both lists in one “Datensatz zusammengefügt” and tranfsfer the locations “currently presented by the nulls” to the layers by same id.

It would be too much work to manually merge all the lists in the editor, so I wanted to find a way to do it automatically in Grasshopper. (27.9 KB)

When you upload a gh file which contains external file data such as a text that exist only in your machine, you should internalise the text itself in the gh file or post the text file along with gh file…
See especially No.3 in the linked topic @Baris posted above .

I had done it, but apparently it didn’t work, so the file and if it didn’t work again, the Txt files as well

Geologie.txt (743 Bytes)
Positionen.txt (561 Bytes) (27.8 KB)

Something like this is what you want? (17.8 KB)

Yes, that’s exactly what I was looking for. Thank you very much.