Training Manual languages

Hi there, long ago in the training manuals for Rhino v4 there were a couple of alternatives about Spanish and English:
All in English
All in Spanish
one with texts in Spanish and commands in English
Is there a way to get that one for V6?


Is this something you might know about?

You can download Level 1 training manuals in several languages from:

To my knowledge, we’ve never offered training manuals with English commands and Spanish instruction.

Manual de Rhinoceros Nivel 1 [379 paginas - en español].pdf (4.0 MB) Here is the v4 manual, maybe it was made by someone else?

That’s not a V4 manual, it’s a V1 or V2 manual. Rhino (software) did not get translated until V3… hence the Spanish manual with English commands.

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got it thanks

Wow, good eyes! That chapter heading has a distinct old-skool McNeel look to it :smiley: