Training guidance Rhino 2D - (aero)model drawings to CAM files

New here and very interested in using Rghino converting a RC model aeroplane plan into a CAM file (for next cutting the wood parts on a machine).
The paper source plan is typically digitized into pdf.
Expecing what to do is to manually scan the digitized drawing using limited Rhino commands into closed-line elements (to be wood-cood pieces), then export the elements to a CAM file.

Is there specific training material to get into that process efficiently (and with fun), avoiding getting into complexity of the many Rhino commands that might not be relevant for the purpose?


google it :face_with_hand_over_mouth: :smiling_face:

Really appreciated is the suggestion to “google it”, to get an answer on the (seriously”) asked question in the Rhino forum of experts and novices.
Didn’t expect such smart answers in such a professional forum, when it is that easy to look up, then show to all.

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:joy: :rofl: at least I added life to it. It almost didn’t get noticed for over a month. Or I guess it has been.

Maybe they googled it by now. There’s probably some hits on other threads too. Maybe I’ll do some searches. :coffee:

Seriously though, this is just barely scratching the surface. This is like the first thought that leads to a 20 yrs journey. Hence, my initial response :slightly_smiling_face:

mmkayy. Not sure how a pdf helps. Scale and GD&T’s might be an issue.

hmm, yeah maybe take a photograph with a smartphone and trace the photos in Rhino etc.

But design intent and GD&T’s still need to be quantized at some point.

And the CAM software will need particular file formats depending on the geometries intended for file transfer etc.

Yeah, typically to learn anything you have to dedicate the proverbial requistie of 10,000 hours of research to really scratch the surface. If you’re not willing to do that then you’ll basically be defeating yourself due to lack of volition.

Fortunately, it’s so much easier to find the answers these days relative to 20 yrs ago, it’s now virtually impossble to miss.

I mean what’s not on youtube :thinking:

In the meantime I have learnt to open the pdf as a png in Paint, save it as a bitmap and import in Rhino as a picture. The picture is drawn over, at the same time learning to use the limited ( more than enough to start) Rhino commands needed for the purpose. Only parts of the full drawing that need to be cut from wood are needed to draw in CAD and still can be patient.
No hard feelings to CADCAMCNC

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