Toggle On/Off resets HUI Window to Tab1

Hi Andrew,

Wondering if you can help us with this issue. We have a toggle on/off on Tab2 of our definition (the default toggle state is off), and when the toggle either switched on/off, the HUI window resets focus to Tab1. Do you have any ideas why the toggle state would be doing this? Is it recomputing the definition?

I have attached a image of the section in our definition where it’s occuring (Tab2).

This usually indicates that you’ve violated the golden rule of Human UI — to never change the inputs of a “create” component once the window is open. Is the “Add Elements” component orange?

This rule also applies to metahopper manipulation of any component that “Add Elements” depends on (which I think I see in your screenshot). Once a window is open, you should never do anything that causes “Add Elements” to expire (re-compute) — so no changing any input or modifying any component that it depends on.

Thanks Andrew. That was the issue…I seem to be good at breaking rules, particularly golden ones.